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Augmented Reality Companies

What services do augmented reality companies provide?

Augmented reality companies are changing how industry workers are trained. To understand what these firms provide, it is important to understand what augmented reality (AR) actually is. Generally speaking, augmented reality allows individuals to hold up a tablet or smartphone device, aim its camera at an object, and learn further information about the object. This type of technology is becoming quite popular with medical, high-tech, and oil and gas firms for helping train employees on complicated tasks. It is also being used for any situation in which a piece of equipment needs to be repaired, as the user can simply point the tablet or smartphone at the object and view an entire repair manual almost instantaneously. Read more about this amazing technology here.

Firms that design and create this type of medical, high-tech, and oil and gas 3D animation often handle every step of the augmented reality process. This includes coming up with a solid design and/or plan, handling mockups, creating the CGI images, coding the tablet/smartphone apps, and testing the program that makes it all work. While every design company will have its own workflow procedure, each firm will usually help clients come up with an appropriate augmented reality strategy to meet their unique needs.

Where can I find augmented reality companies in Houston?

Of course, there are several augmented reality firms in Texas and across the country. Business is booming for CGI in Houston, but be warned that not all AR companies are alike. It is important to understand that augmented reality is being used in many different capacities in many different industries. Read more about the industries being changed by augmented reality here.

FuelFX is exceptional in that it offers augmented reality solutions for companies in the medical, high-tech, and oil and gas fields. Its team includes experts in each of these industries, which allows them to provide a knowledgeable approach to each augmented reality project it takes on.

What are the best augmented reality companies in Houston?

There are a wide range of augmented reality providers in Texas. FuelFX is proud to be an industry leader and one of the best in Houston. It offers specialized CGI and software development to help its clients create realistic and advanced augmented reality training tools accessible through smartphone apps, computer programs, and internet applications.

FuelFX offers firms in the medical, oil and gas, and tech industries the ability to utilize augmented reality into their everyday operations. It also handles every aspect of multimedia, 3D animation, corporate website design, graphic design, trade show banners, and much more. Contact FuelFX's team of augmented reality experts today to discuss your upcoming AR project.

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Hiring augmented reality companies to create custom mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular for some industries. But, what exactly is augmented reality and what industries can benefit from it?

Understanding Augmented Reality

In order to understand which industries can benefit from working with augmented reality companies, it is important to understand exactly what this type of program entails. Augmented reality is technology that allows smartphone or tablet users the ability to open an app, point the device's camera at a specific object, and instantly see a wealth of information on the screen about that particular object. Other specifications, interactions, and abilities of augmented reality apps can vary, but most offer this basic operation.

Industry Focus: Healthcare

The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from working with augmented reality companies. Doctors, nurses, and staff can use customized applications to see instant information about medications, equipment, and more. They can utilize augmented reality applications to quickly view any potential negative drug interactions, help diagnose patients, and so many other lifesaving and useful tasks.

Industry Focus: Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry can also greatly benefit from augmented reality tools. Workers can easily point a tablet or smartphone camera at a piece of complicated drilling equipment and instantly see repair manuals or information from digital equipment gages. (Development of augmented reality for the petroleum industry is really picking up speed, with FuelFX as a proud leader in the industry.)

Industry Focus: Education

Schools and colleges are really starting to integrate augmented reality into their curriculum plans. Imagine a kindergarten class having the ability to point a small tablet device at a photo of an apple, hear the word, watch the letters on screen, and interact with the device. Some museums even allow visitors to download a quick augmented reality application over wifi when they arrive, point their devices at certain exhibits, and get a customized tour of that exhibit. This can all be done with a simple augmented reality application. Even students as high as grad school are finding augmented reality a great resource and learning tool.

Even More Applications

Of course, just about every industry can benefit from augmented reality tools. Chefs in restaurants, daycare workers, repairmen, construction crews, and other important jobs in our society can all utilize augmented reality in some way. In fact, AR development is only as limited as the imagination it takes to put a program together!

To learn more about corporate web design and/or what augmented reality companies can do for your business, please contact FuelFX today.

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There is quite a bit of talk these days about augmented reality companies and their desire to create applications that increase productivity in the workforce. With constant pressure and demands on workers to become more efficient, many top CEOs in some of the world’s most prestigious industries are looking to this type of technology to help their employees succeed.

Imagine a system where a factory worker puts on a pair of augmented reality glasses and is able to immediately glean all the information they need to make sure they are assembling an item correctly. The worker does not have to stop and ask a supervisor whether what they are doing is correct. They also do not have to consult a manual and make far fewer mistakes over the course of their job duties. This was the vision that former Boeing employee Tom Caudell had when he first coined the term augmented reality. In the nearly thirty years since, technology is finally catching up to his initial idea—from Yelp applications that allow you to hold up a smartphone to see restaurant information to Google’s unique set of glasses that provide continuous data to the wearer.

While many augmented reality companies have largely focused on personal use of this type of application, many firms (including FuelFX) are looking to pioneer uses that stretch far beyond the entertainment sector. Companies in the natural resource, mining, medical, education, manufacturing, and other fields are all catching on to just how useful augmented reality programs can be to their overall work flow. Where some are just using the application programs for training staff, others have started to phase in special smartphone or tablet programs that provide instant information to their employees no matter where they are in the world.

What does the future hold for augmented reality in the workplace? Frankly, the sky is the limit for most augmented reality companies out there today. The only real barrier is the creativity and innovation of those who work on a daily basis to further this intriguing and exciting industry. Of course, and the demand of companies who wish to integrate augmented reality into their business operations and stay on the leading edge of the global economy.

To learn more about FuelFX and how our state-of-the-art mobile app development in Houston can help your firm succeed, please give us a call today.

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