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Custom Web Application Development

How can you market business using custom web application development?

Custom web application development is a powerful way to create a professional presence on the internet for any business. By having a website that looks great, is easy to use, and offers cutting edge functionality, clients will easily gain access to products, services, and company information. This allows companies to continuously market their firms, even in the middle of the night, on weekends, and during holidays.

Market research has also shown that having an interactive website is a fantastic way to drive customers to purchase products and services. Social media interactive, multimedia Flash video, message boards, and other similar tools can all help increase sales conversions and help keep companies in the branding spotlight.

The talented team at FuelFX offers all of these web application and corporate website tools. They regularly help firms in a wide variety of industries create a web presence that brings in more clients and increases brand awareness.

What company specializes in custom web application development?

When it comes to web design in Houston and across the country, FuelFX is proud to be an industry leader. Its knowledgeable team offers a wide range of website design and development services including search engine optimization, specialized graphics, CMS (content management systems), CRM (client relationship management) systems, social networking, e-commerce portals, message boards, corporate wikis, portfolio sites, and much more. FuelFX is also unique in that it specializes in working with firms in the medical, high-tech, and oil and gas industries to come up with designs that accurate reflect their individual company and field.

What is custom web application development?

Web application development is the creation of custom website solutions for a business or corporation. Many companies choose to outsource this creation to firms such as FuelFX, as creating a web presence can often require specialized experience and/or training.

These web applications can be very simple or highly intricate, depending on the needs of the individual company. Often, these types of pages can include CRM (client relationship management) programs, CMS (content management systems), social networking, specialized graphics (including Flash and 3D animations), document management tools, secure client portals, and more. For retailers, microsite and storefronts can also be created to help promote a solid e-commerce presence. Search engine optimization is usually built in to custom web applications to help companies rank higher within the search engines and allow customers to find them more easily.

FuelFX offers small business, educational, and corporate web design services and is based in Houston. Its team of talented individuals handles 3D animations, CGI, augmented reality tools, Flash multimedia animations, and much more. For further information or to get a project started, please contact FuelFX today.

Custom web application development is becoming increasingly popular for many corporations. However, the field in which it is really making a difference is education. Learn more about how custom solutions are changing the way students and schools approach learning.

How is Custom Web Application Development Helping Schools?

Many school districts, colleges, and elearning providers are discovering how helpful having a custom web application can be. Teachers are able to log in, upload grades, communicate with parents, share interactive presentations, receive term papers, so much more. High school, college, and distance learning students are even able to take courses and complete lessons via the web, expanding the ability to spread knowledge much farther than it has ever been.

Why Should Schools Consider Custom Web Applications?

So, why should a educational institution consider custom web application development over a basic design that could work for any industry? The answer is functionality.

Not all school website and e-learning platforms have the right features to help maximize student use. Others have too many features, making it difficult to navigate or makes schools pay for website aspects that they don't really need (and will never use.)

Custom web application development eliminates this. Each school or e-learning provider gets the right tools needed to help students succeed. This can include interactive classrooms, grading, online test taking, multimedia features, parent communication, assignment upload submission, group message board discussion, and much more. Even the registration and admissions processes can be simplified with a custom web application created specifically for a school. Many institutions are also including tutoring and homework help as part of their custom website apps.

What is the Future of Custom Web Application Development for Schools?

Schools and e-learning providers will greatly benefit as the future of technology increases. Institutions can already involve distance learning students in class discussions via an online platform, but this is definitely slated to increase in the future.

Augmented reality (AR) applications will also start to become more commonplace as part of online education, allowing students to simply point their smartphone or tablet devices at an object and learn everything there is to know about it via their screens. This fascinating feature is expanding teacher lessons and making learning much more hands on than it has ever been in the past. Just imagine a distance learning student having the ability to walk into a museum, scan a famous painting, and enjoy an entire lesson thanks to a customized AR app!

For more information on augmented reality and/or custom web development for your college or school district, please contact FuelFX today.

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