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E-Learning Providers

How do you compare elearning providers?

While there are quite a few elearning providers available in Houston and across the country, not all are created equal. When it comes to comparing these types of firms, it is important to understand what you are receiving as a whole and not just price alone.

The skilled team at FuelFX is highly knowledgeable about the medical, high-tech, and petroleum industries, which unfortunately not all firms are. This allows them to create stunning 3D animations, models, and programs that suit the e-learning needs of businesses within these industries. Best of all, FuelFX can help with every aspect of planning, development, testing, and integration of new e-learning systems within a company's current training program.

Where can I find elearning providers in Houston?

Finding companies that create solutions for e-learning in Houston or anywhere else is not difficult, as there are a wide range of providers dabbling in this field. However, it is important to make sure that a firm is suited the the individual industry that it is creating an educational platform for. FuelFX has worked with companies in the oil and gas, healthcare, and tech fields to come up with e-learning solutions, both computer-based and web-based. These instructional design services include creating e-learning platforms, mobile learning solutions, training video production, interactive training tools, and business game simulations. FuelFX can also help with creating a marketing plan for completed training tools, handle trade show banner graphic design, create a social media plan for the newly formed training environment, and much more to make the overall launch of the platform a success.

In addition, FuelFX's team is also highly skilled at creating an overall seamless look between a corporation's website and its training environment. This attention to detail is what has set FuelFX apart from many of its competitors within the animation and design industries.

What kinds of product can I expect from elearning providers?

E-learning providers in Houston and across the world offer a wide range of services design to help companies educate their work forces. These products often include computer-based and web-based training platforms and programs. Training modules on mobile devices or instructor-led lessons via recorded video can also be included as part of the overall e-learning platform.

The important thing to remember is that most quality e-learning creation companies will be able to sit down, listen to a company's needs, and develop a very specific learning platform based off those goals. Doing so will not only help the company's vision be met, it can help the designer come up with a plan suitable for the overall project.

FuelFX's highly knowledgeable team can help with many multimedia facets including 3D animations, video production, augmented reality tools, corporate web design, and CGI in Houston. Contact FuelFX today for a quote or to get a project started.

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E-Learning Houston

Who is the leader in e-learning in Houston?

FuelFX is a design firm that helps companies create customized plans and programs for e-learning in Houston. Its services include custom e-learning development and instructional design consulting for firms in the petroleum, medical, and tech industries. FuelFX also helps with computer-based training (CBT) development, web-based training (WBT) creation, mobile training, mobile applications, and much more.

What helps FuelFX stand out from other design firms in the area and across the world is its ability to help create virtual reality and simulation programs to enhance curriculum. For those who prefer instructor-led lessons instead, FuelFX can also help with video planning and production. Best of all, FuelFX's augmented reality, web design, graphic design, branding, and other services can help tie it all together to create a cohesive design perfect for any corporation or online learning institution.

What company provides e-learning in Houston?

As one of several elearning providers in Houston, FuelFX is proud to specialize in helping medical, high-tech, petroleum, and other global companies design and launch web-based and computer-based teaching platforms. These programs often include virtual reality simulations, instructor-led lessons in stunning video, interactive assignments, testing platforms, and more.

FuelFX can help create these e-learning programs from start to finish, including the design, testing, implementation, and support phases. Best of all, FuelFX can also help promote the new learning platform through print media, social media marketing, company intranet setups, and other similar methods.

What ways can my company utilize e-learning in Houston?

Utilization of e-learning techniques, both computer-based and web-based, have become quite popular in the last few years. No matter what industry a business is in, there are always ways to use e-learning as a tool for educating its workforce.

For example, medical firms are now able to educate providers and staff members on new technologies and health protocols available. Petroleum companies can help workers navigate knowledge drilling techniques, maintenance tools, and/or safety regulations. And other firms are able to simply conduct routine training sessions without the expense of requiring workers to travel across the country to meet in a central location. Companies can also utilize e-learning platforms to help workers prepare for licensing tests. Thanks to e-learning technology, the possibilities are truly becoming quite endless. FuelFX offers creative media, software development, digital marketing, and instructional design services. It is an industry leader in creation of CGI in Houston and prides itself on producing innovative designs for the medical, high-tech, and petroleum industries. FuelFX's list of services includes corporate web design, 3D animation, multimedia design, augmented reality tools, mobile applications, computer-generated images, graphic design, and much more. Contact FuelFX online or by phone for more information on how to get started today.

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Business Games & Simulations

Put the Control in Learners’ Hands with Business Games and Simulations

Business games and simulations, sometimes called serious games, put learners in the first-person position, making mission-critical decisions in an immersive 3D simulated environment. Because learners in business games custom-created for you by FuelFX have opportunities to apply their own experience as well as explore new skills in real-life scenarios, the benefits of active learning are heightened. Simulations emphasize the development of spatial and situational judgment, problem solving, and analysis skills, which are all critical to the safety and efficiency of team members in the highly instrumented workplace environments of the oil and gas and other industries.

Develop Competencies Quickly with Business Game Challenges

Trainees retain significantly more instruction and perform better on competency tests by experiencing simulated real-life scenarios in which they can practice, and even fail, without risk. Such experiential learning rewards the application of both newly acquired skills and previous experience, so learners develop competencies rather than just memorize correct answers. More and more employees, especially those who grew up with gaming technologies, respond with enthusiasm to the challenge of simulations and business games.

Business Games Identify Talents and Build on Experiences

Activity-centered simulations and role-playing boost confidence and motivation because learners take control of their learning experience. Such training rewards the application of both newly acquired skills and previous experience, so they build increasing levels of competency. FuelFX builds impactful business games and simulations that can be deployed independently or as one part of a larger eLearning [link] solution. Business games can be created using 2D interactive graphics or can be built as 3D applications.


  • Put learners in the first-person position, making mission-critical decisions in an immersive 3D simulated environment
  • Create learning experiences that accommodate a wide variety of learning levels rather than passive instruction
  • Learners develop competencies through experience; they don’t just memorize correct answers


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Interactive Training Tools

Tools for Learning in Highly Instrumented Industries

Deploy interactive training tools to give your learners support for real-world applications. Using richly interactive simulations, animations and 3D graphics to create activity-based guides, learners quickly master complex procedures and processes in the oil and gas industry without the risk factors involved in real-life situations or real equipment.

Rich Opportunities and Media for Interactive Training Tools

Just about every highly instrumented workplace uses interactive training tools. In the oil and gas industry, mining industry, aviation industry, manufacturing industry, and in many more, interactive training tools help trainees learn how to operate critical, complex equipment in real-world situations. FuelFX can employ animations, manipulable 2D and 3D graphics, and even augmented reality to create activity-oriented training tools that will more quickly achieve the desired competency level.

Adaptable Tools with Flexible Deployment Options

These performance tools can be a more efficient training method than time-consuming synchronous classroom instruction, because they allow learners to practice new skills. Interactive training tools can be delivered via a mobile app, any existing Learning Management System (LMS), or another delivery method of your choosing, making them highly adaptable to your business needs.


  • Provide fast, targeted solutions to the most critical training pain points in your organization.
  • Trainees and experienced team members learn how to operate critical, complex equipment in real-world situations.
  • Highly adaptable tools for a variety of deployment options and learner needs.


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Instructional Videos

Professional, Effective and Engaging Training Available Anywhere

Instructional videos are a highly effective training strategy to replace instructor-led training (ILT) when it’s difficult to synch up participants separated by geographic distances and time zones. FuelFX’s many years of video production expertise and sophisticated 3D modeling capabilities mean you’ll get professional, attention-grabbing instructional videos and video presentations for your training needs.

Make a polished, engaging, scripted instructional video using professional acting and voiceover talent. Or create a community of the best and brightest within your organization with videos of colleagues sharing their expertise. Create and post a video-log (vlog) to provide quick updates and training nuggets that persuade and entertain, so your team anticipates the next one to arrive.

In addition to corporate videos, FuelFX also specializes in sales and marketing videos, customer testimonials, infomercials, motion design and 3D animations.

Let FuelFX create instructional videos for your training needs:

  • Sales Training
  • Skills Training
  • Compliance Training
  • Software Application Training
  • Policy/Process Training and Updates
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Mobile Learning

State-of-the-Art E-Learning Technology that Educates and Empowers

Training today is multimodal, with opportunities to access learning in a classroom, at your workplace and even in a virtual classroom or mobile terminal. FuelFX can help improve your organization by making your e-learning and access to learning a better experience through the use of state-of-the-art technology and innovative thinking.

Developing instructional curriculum solutions requires a strong partnership with our clients in order to clearly identify scope and access needs. This discovery process leads to the development, delivery and successful implementation of a custom technology-enabled learning program. From instructor-led classroom training, to dynamic online e-learning systems, to an all-encompassing blended approach, our team of instructional designers can construct effective training materials that will allow your users to efficiently and accurately understand your product’s complex features. Once we complete an assessment of your training requirements and goals, our team will provide strategic recommendations on how to best accomplish your needs.

Our multidisciplinary team is proficient in 2D and 3D tools, animation software, programming techniques, standards and interactive tools. Additionally, our communication specialists work hand in hand with our technical staff through the duration of the process to ensure the outcome is an overall better experience with proven results for our clients


  • Instructional design consulting
  • Custom e-learning development
  • CBT (computer-based training)
  • WBT (web-based training)
  • Mobile training
  • Virtual reality and instructional video game simulations
  • Instructor-led courses
  • LMS integration hosting and delivery
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A World of Possibilities in Houston-Based E-Learning Solutions

Today’s business operations are moving faster than ever—especially in the energy and high-tech fields—and decision makers and stakeholders must be able to transfer operational knowledge amid growing experience gaps, evolving technology, tighter profit margins, and ever-stricter standards. Develop and deploy e-learning and other training assets, and you will gain a critical business advantage.

Our e-learning does much more than simply convey information in a static digital context. FuelFX’s expert team of instructional designers and e-learning developers incorporate engaging interactions featuring 3D animations, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality simulations. The result is a dynamic, intuitive, and immersive e-learning environment that encourages critical thinking and promotes retention. We can also help you create just the right deployment solution, ranging from individualized learning portals and blended classroom and e-learning curricula, to just-in-time mobile apps and heads-up displays.

FuelFX Houston E-Learning Team Benefits

  • Comprehensive end-to-end services for multimodal training
  • The largest industrial 3D graphics team in the world
  • Proprietary virtual and augmented reality frameworks
  • Training extended into operational intelligence with electronic procedure apps

FuelFX Houston E-Learning Team Services

  • Curriculum consulting
  • Custom eLearning development
  • xAPI LMS hosting and delivery
  • Corporate Learning portals
  • CBT (computer-based training)
  • WBT (web-based training)
  • Mobile training
  • Simulations
  • Instructor-led course materials
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