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Mobile App Development Houston

What company offers mobile app development in Houston?

FuelFX offers innovative web and mobile app development in Houston and around the globe. It specializes in working with firms in the oil and gas, health, and high-tech industries to create software solutions that benefit each company's entire workforce. These applications often include smartphone and tablet programs that feature multimedia video, image catalogs, interactive features, and much more. FuelFX remains committed to providing the highest quality end product while helping keep app development cost within each client's unique budget.

For more information on what exactly mobile app development is and how it can help companies increase productivity, read here

What company specializes in mobile app development in Houston?

Although there are several similar firms in Houston and across the country that handle mobile application development, not all of them are equal. FuelFX is proud to be an industry leader in terms of software applications for the healthcare, high-tech, and oil and gas industries. Its diverse team of coding experts, animators, and graphic design artists understand the unique challenges these types of firms face. Best of all, FuelFX works with each client to ensure that the finished project helps promote brand loyalty, helps reduce costs, and/or offers increased productivity.

In addition, FuelFX also offers applications for training and education through augmented reality programs. These cutting edge apps feature the ability of a user to open the program on a smartphone or tablet, aim the camera at a specific item, and instantly see information about that object appear on the screen. Firms in the oil and gas and medical industries have seen the highest need for augmented reality applications in the last few years, as the technology allows workers to discover information regarding technical equipment (such as training manuals) almost instantaneously.

Who can help me with mobile app development in Houston?

For businesses who feel adding a mobile app to their current workflow and/or marketing plan is a necessity, FuelFX can easily assist in coming up with a program plan and/or a mockup that helps bring an idea one step closer to reality. Best of all, FuelFX's knowledgeable team can help with the coding, graphic design, testing phase, budgeting, and virtually every aspect of the app creation process.

In addition to mobile app development, FuelFX also offers web application development, e-learning platform development, and creation of other similar platforms that can work together seamlessly. Learn more about web application development here

FuelFX is a Houston, Texas firm that specializes in mobile app development and custom web application development for companies in the oil and gas, medical, and tech industries. For more information on pricing and/or how to get your project started, contact FuelFX via web or telephone today.

Mobile app development in Houston has already seen a huge jump in growth over the last few years. Thanks to demand, more and more businesses are opting to have their own custom iPhone or Android-based apps for clients and workers to use. However, the use of these types of apps is also being driven by geo-targeted advertising.

What Is Geo-Targeted Advertising?

Geo-targeting refers to obtaining the location of a specific website visitor and delivering unique content to that person based on where they currently are. Many companies utilize both user-inputted data (such as a zip code or country) and automatic data (such as an ISP address or GPS location) to determine where a web visitor resides. Geo-targeted advertising is where a company choosing to show an advertisement to only people in specific geo-targeted areas.

How is Mobile App Development in Houston Impacted by Geo-Targeted Advertising?

Most companies interested in creating custom mobile apps ask how they can include geo-targeted advertising within their programs and what it can actually do. The answer is, yes. Geo-targeting features can be included as part of custom mobile app development in Houston.

Whether you provide a service or have a physical retail location, custom mobile app development in Houston combined with geo-targeted advertising can help bring in customers. For example, if a client downloads your custom application to their iPhone or Android device, a specific advertisement popup can be triggered with a special offer anytime they are within a specific mile radius of your location.

An excellent example of this type of use can be seen by fast food giant, McDonalds. In 2011, the firm announce that it would use geo-targeted advertising to help boost sales of its hot beverages via the Pandora iPhone app. Users listening to streaming music on the app would see a popup between songs that would include the exact distance to the nearest McDonald's location, all determined via geo-targeting. The campaign was a huge success for the company, who has expanded their mobile advertising and geo-targeting projects since this endeavor.

Excellent candidates for this geo-targeted marketing through custom mobile apps include restaurants, retail locations, personal services, and much more. Best of all, small companies are just as likely to have a custom mobile app created with geo-targeting features as large corporations.

For more information about geo-targeting features, custom web application development, and/or mobile app development in Houston, please contact FuelFX today.

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The size of your restaurant doesn’t matter when it comes to making mobile app development in Houston a great choice. Restaurants large and small—with one location or many—are discovering the benefits of having their own smartphone application. Here are three reasons restaurants should consider having a mobile app created to assist their mobile marketing strategy.

#1: Marketing Reach

One excellent reason to consider mobile app development in Houston for your restaurant is the extended marketing reach it provides. When diners have your application on their smartphone or tablet device, you are able to contact them about special events and promotions without having to email, send direct mail, or call them. This allows you the opportunity to have a much more broad marketing reach than through any other type of marketing effort, at a much lower cost.

#2: Increased Customer Service

Another reason to consider app development is the increased level of customer service having a custom app provides. Many restaurants are tying their takeout, reservation, and table paging services with their customized mobile apps. In some cases, diners can even order meals and pay for them via the app directly—saving time and effort for both the customer and management. Technology also allows for these orders to be tied to your existing point-of-sale system, creating a seamless connection between the customer with an iPhone or Android device and your business operations.

#3: Increased Customer Contact

Increased customer contact is another reason to consider mobile app development in Houston for a restaurant location. In some cases, an application is tied to a customer’s GPS location on their smartphone. When the customer is within a given area of a restaurant location, a popup on their screen reminds them that they are within reach of an excellent meal. Furthermore, many restaurants are even tying a special offer or coupon into this message. Random popups wishing users certain greetings or providing them with new information are also a way to utilize this unique technology.

Whether you are opting for a simple application that provides a menu to your patrons or something considerably more elaborate, a mobile app for your restaurant is an excellent way to gain exposure.

For more information on mobile app development and 3D animation in Houston, please give us a call today.

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