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The size of your restaurant doesn’t matter when it comes to making mobile app development in Houston a great choice. Restaurants large and small—with one location or many—are discovering the benefits of having their own smartphone application. Here are three reasons restaurants should consider having a mobile app created to assist their mobile marketing strategy.

#1: Marketing Reach

One excellent reason to consider mobile app development in Houston for your restaurant is the extended marketing reach it provides. When diners have your application on their smartphone or tablet device, you are able to contact them about special events and promotions without having to email, send direct mail, or call them. This allows you the opportunity to have a much more broad marketing reach than through any other type of marketing effort, at a much lower cost.

#2: Increased Customer Service

Another reason to consider app development is the increased level of customer service having a custom app provides. Many restaurants are tying their takeout, reservation, and table paging services with their customized mobile apps. In some cases, diners can even order meals and pay for them via the app directly—saving time and effort for both the customer and management. Technology also allows for these orders to be tied to your existing point-of-sale system, creating a seamless connection between the customer with an iPhone or Android device and your business operations.

#3: Increased Customer Contact

Increased customer contact is another reason to consider mobile app development in Houston for a restaurant location. In some cases, an application is tied to a customer’s GPS location on their smartphone. When the customer is within a given area of a restaurant location, a popup on their screen reminds them that they are within reach of an excellent meal. Furthermore, many restaurants are even tying a special offer or coupon into this message. Random popups wishing users certain greetings or providing them with new information are also a way to utilize this unique technology.

Whether you are opting for a simple application that provides a menu to your patrons or something considerably more elaborate, a mobile app for your restaurant is an excellent way to gain exposure.

For more information on mobile app development and 3D animation in Houston, please give us a call today.

Large meetings where you are trying to get people to draw a picture in their minds about oil and gas infrastructures soon to be developed can be difficult without the use of 3D animation in Houston boardrooms. Sometimes, shareholders simply can't develop the mental image in their minds from all the technical specifications and detailed reports handed to them. Instead, multimedia companies such as Fuelfx specialize in 3D animation for the oil and gas industry.

Take, for instance, a scale model of the new processing facility you want to develop. While the scale model can give people a general idea of your presentation, it can also be limiting. People can only see one side of the model from where they are sitting at the table unless you constantly rotate it while you are describing the features. This situation lessens the experience and won't allow you to really sell on the idea.

CGI in Houston is a unique alternative. You can show everyone at the table an animation of the future project at the same time, as your presentation is given new life from the boring reports and documents. You can show the inner workings of the facility, how the plant will operate to process the gas or oil, and drive home your presentation in their minds.

Visually appealing 3D animation in Houston oil and gas presentations will leave more of a lasting impression in their memories, as they have a better understanding of the concept by getting a general idea of what it looks like. They can ask questions from what they have seen, as you can easily go back through the animation to address any issues or concerns.

The 3D animation in Houston presentations can be presented in many different concepts. Illustrate safety concerns in the oil and gas industry, processing facilities and operations, transportation and distribution methods, offshore drilling techniques and future technological advancements that can benefit these natural resource industries.

So spice up your boardroom presentation with the use of animation and computer-generated images. With more shareholders and executives using their mobile devices for work-related tasks, it is the perfect time to show how professional you are with your presentation by allowing them to download and share the 3D animation in Houston meetings. Everyone can have a greater understanding about the information you are conveying to them. Simplify the technical data and reports through eye-pleasing graphics as you have a greater chance of being successful.

Fuelfx is the 3D multimedia company who can create animation and apps designed for the oil and gas industry. By working with experts that know about these energy resources, you are sure to get the creative multimedia desired for your presentation that is a clear representation of your industry.

CGI in Houston can help a business get noticed even as the shuffle to do so seems to get tougher and tougher each year. More new businesses are streaming into a whole range of industries. This demands utilizing new and innovative techniques, such as computer generated images, or CGI, on their websites to help them stand out among all the competition they face.

  • People Expect It: With the explosion in computer graphics and 3D animation in the media, such as movies, computer games and network television shows, people expect to be entertained by the websites they visit. When it comes to choosing to stay on a website that has static content and one that features engaging computer graphics that both entertain and inform, most visitors will opt to stay on the site with the computer generated images.
  • Cater to Touch: With 3D Animation in Houston, those visitors who are on the mobile devices, which are most likely to be touch screens, are able to easily manipulate the graphics and animations that are included. This makes them more likely to stay on the site. Since so many people are on the go, and want to stay connected while doing so, it is important to ensure that a website's graphics cater to touch screen usage.
  • A Little Goes a Long Way: Including a wide range of CGI in Houston is a good thing, but it is important not to overdo it. A few well-placed graphics to illustrate a difficult concept, or demonstrate a unique trait that sets a company apart from others, will go a long way toward keeping a visitor on a site, clicking around for more. Having such graphics splashed across the entire website could make it difficult to make sense of it all.
  • High Quality Matters: Put bluntly, poor quality content will likely make most visitors click out of a website before they have even had a chance to discover much else about what it might be able to offer them. With the advances in the industry today, the computer generated images that are used on a website can look almost like the real thing, making for a jaw dropping experience. .

Hiring augmented reality companies to create custom mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular for some industries. But, what exactly is augmented reality and what industries can benefit from it?

Understanding Augmented Reality

In order to understand which industries can benefit from working with augmented reality companies, it is important to understand exactly what this type of program entails. Augmented reality is technology that allows smartphone or tablet users the ability to open an app, point the device's camera at a specific object, and instantly see a wealth of information on the screen about that particular object. Other specifications, interactions, and abilities of augmented reality apps can vary, but most offer this basic operation.

Industry Focus: Healthcare

The healthcare industry can benefit greatly from working with augmented reality companies. Doctors, nurses, and staff can use customized applications to see instant information about medications, equipment, and more. They can utilize augmented reality applications to quickly view any potential negative drug interactions, help diagnose patients, and so many other lifesaving and useful tasks.

Industry Focus: Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry can also greatly benefit from augmented reality tools. Workers can easily point a tablet or smartphone camera at a piece of complicated drilling equipment and instantly see repair manuals or information from digital equipment gages. (Development of augmented reality for the petroleum industry is really picking up speed, with FuelFX as a proud leader in the industry.)

Industry Focus: Education

Schools and colleges are really starting to integrate augmented reality into their curriculum plans. Imagine a kindergarten class having the ability to point a small tablet device at a photo of an apple, hear the word, watch the letters on screen, and interact with the device. Some museums even allow visitors to download a quick augmented reality application over wifi when they arrive, point their devices at certain exhibits, and get a customized tour of that exhibit. This can all be done with a simple augmented reality application. Even students as high as grad school are finding augmented reality a great resource and learning tool.

Even More Applications

Of course, just about every industry can benefit from augmented reality tools. Chefs in restaurants, daycare workers, repairmen, construction crews, and other important jobs in our society can all utilize augmented reality in some way. In fact, AR development is only as limited as the imagination it takes to put a program together!

To learn more about corporate web design and/or what augmented reality companies can do for your business, please contact FuelFX today.

While it is only one small facet of the services that our talented team at FuelFX provides, oil and gas 3D animation can be an amazing way to show off complicated techniques to current and potential clients. Here are three great ways that this concept can be utilized by your business.

#1: Interactive Brochures

You already know that your company is one of the best in the industry, but why not show it off with an interactive online brochure? Oil and gas 3D animation can easily be added to help browsers understand your rigs, learn about common environmental protocols, and/or fully explore the unique services your firm offers.

#2: Web or Virtual Demonstrations

Whether your clients are viewing a presentation featuring CGI in Houston or watching drilling animations from across the globe, including oil and gas 3D animation in your web or virtual demonstrations are a great way to pique their interest. Not only does this type of design help them visualize the concepts you are explaining, it keeps them focused and interested throughout the duration of your presentation.

#3: On-Site Meeting Visual Aides

Meeting on-site with potential and/or current investors can be difficult enough. Let our stunning oil and gas 3D animation designs help you explain your next rig platform or drilling procedures in an easy-to-follow format. With an animation, your audience can easily comprehend and visualize the industry-specific terms you are describing in a stunning visual design that works as the perfect companion to your speech or presentation.

Of course, these are only three of the more simple ways that animation can be incorporated into your oil and gas firm's operations. Augmented reality, web applications, virtual classrooms, and many other high-tech designs are making it much easier to connect with others throughout the world--whether they are a billionaire investor in Asia or a rig worker on a platform in the middle of the ocean.

At FuelFX, we understand the oil and gas industry and have helped dozens of firms include animation, graphic design, and other interactive technologies within their overall marketing strategies. Our talented team of industry experts and design geniuses can help oil and gas companies, both large and small, incorporate animation into their marketing and business efforts.

For more information on 3D animation, rendering, app development, and much more, please give our knowledgeable team a call today.

If you think that high-tech medical companies and oil firms are the only ones using 3D animation in Houston, think again. There are a wide range of different applications for computer-generated imagery that allow companies in many different industries to impress their customer bases, stand out from their competition, and truly make a lasting impact. However, three industries seem to be reaping the benefits and utilizing this type of technology to the fullest—construction, fashion, and education.

3D Animation for Construction

What once was an industry ruled by sheer labor is now being assisted by 3D design. Architects, interior designers, and others are now able to show clients and local government leaders just exactly what a finished building will look like—long before the project has even started. This technology provides a much clearer outlook on a project than traditional blueprint and illustration methods, allowing all parties involved to have a clear vision of the finished design.

3D Animation for Fashion

One of the most surprising applications of 3D animation in Houston is that by the fashion industry. With several clothing manufacturers in cropping up in the area, many are looking to computer graphics when they create new products. This allows fashion designers the flexibility of seeing their styles in a whole new way before cutting any fabric.

The use of computer animation in the fashion industry is becoming so widespread that it is even being taught in most fashion schools, integrating technology into a highly sought after career path.

3D Animation for Education

Education is probably the most widely used application of 3D animation in Houston at the current time. Schools across the city and state are utilizing multimedia learning games, videos, and simulations to help students gain the information they need to succeed.

Taking this even further, e-learning in Houston is also benefitting from this upward trend in the use of animation. Where distance students would previously have to travel to a campus center to engage in lab activities or lectures, they can now watch an interactive animation via their computer or tablet devices to learn the same information.

With so many industries starting to integrate 3D animation into their daily processes, it is hard to remember that the technology is still beginning. As our team and others in our industry continue to develop new methods for presenting information in an interactive fashion, there will be even more ways to use computer-generated imagery.

There is quite a bit of talk these days about augmented reality companies and their desire to create applications that increase productivity in the workforce. With constant pressure and demands on workers to become more efficient, many top CEOs in some of the world’s most prestigious industries are looking to this type of technology to help their employees succeed.

Imagine a system where a factory worker puts on a pair of augmented reality glasses and is able to immediately glean all the information they need to make sure they are assembling an item correctly. The worker does not have to stop and ask a supervisor whether what they are doing is correct. They also do not have to consult a manual and make far fewer mistakes over the course of their job duties. This was the vision that former Boeing employee Tom Caudell had when he first coined the term augmented reality. In the nearly thirty years since, technology is finally catching up to his initial idea—from Yelp applications that allow you to hold up a smartphone to see restaurant information to Google’s unique set of glasses that provide continuous data to the wearer.

While many augmented reality companies have largely focused on personal use of this type of application, many firms (including FuelFX) are looking to pioneer uses that stretch far beyond the entertainment sector. Companies in the natural resource, mining, medical, education, manufacturing, and other fields are all catching on to just how useful augmented reality programs can be to their overall work flow. Where some are just using the application programs for training staff, others have started to phase in special smartphone or tablet programs that provide instant information to their employees no matter where they are in the world.

What does the future hold for augmented reality in the workplace? Frankly, the sky is the limit for most augmented reality companies out there today. The only real barrier is the creativity and innovation of those who work on a daily basis to further this intriguing and exciting industry. Of course, and the demand of companies who wish to integrate augmented reality into their business operations and stay on the leading edge of the global economy.

To learn more about FuelFX and how our state-of-the-art mobile app development in Houston can help your firm succeed, please give us a call today.

There is little doubt that oil and gas 3D animation is really cool to look at. With vivid colors and stunning graphics, this type of media is an excellent way to catch the attention of your audience and get your message across. However, not all firms understand how important creating engaging presentations and multimedia can actually be to their overall bottom line. Here are three reasons why utilizing these vivid graphics can help your firm.

#1: Added Creativity and Professionalism

Whether you are speaking at an industry panel or to a room full of potential investors, utilizing oil and gas 3D animation in your presentation is an excellent way to show added creativity and professionalism. Your audience will be able to see that you spent time putting together a thoughtful and engaging visual aid, which will help them understand who you are and what you are aiming to do much more clearly. By taking the time to work with a partner that understands your goals—such as our team at FuelFX—you can rest assured that your firm will appear organized, professional, and on the cutting-edge of business.

#2: Get Your Point Across

The oil and gas industry can be a confusing topic for those who aren’t highly educated about the field. By utilizing oil and gas 3D animation, you will give your audience a firm visual of how certain drilling operations work and how your company intends on going about them. This is especially critical when it comes to potential investors who have deep pockets, but are not totally understanding of what it is they are investing in.

#3: Trade Show Stand Out

Utilizing animation is also an excellent choice for certain trade shows and industry events you might attend throughout the year. By creating a multimedia presentation that can be show on individual monitors or a large screen, you are helping your firm stand out. Furthermore, having customized media allows you to seem like an industry player—no matter how big or small your company actually is.

Are you still unsure whether or not your oil and gas firm should utilize 3D animation? Our team at FuelFX has worked with many big companies within this industry including BP, Exxon Mobil, Diamond Offshore, Nobel Energy, Shell, and many more.

For more information about animation and web design in Houston, please contact our team at FuelFX today.

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Although most of our team could barely find the country of Azerbaijan on the map a few months ago, today we have become fully enamored with this progressive region of the world. Tasked with multiple marketing initiatives, our objective has been to showcase the beauty, pride and the uniqueness of the modern-day Azerbaijan.
Without question our favorite, most challenging project was the production of a 3D animated film showcasing the stunning new terminal at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku, Azerbaijan. The challenge was the intense deadline, but with the support of twelve expert 3D artists plus an amazing lighting and texturing expert, we were able to deliver a fully animated 3D walkthrough in less than five weeks including 14,400 rendering hours -- no exaggeration.
Other cool facts -- This extremely intricate and complex animation encompasses over 120 million polygons, 7,000 models and 800 textures, all modeled from scratch.
The new terminal opens to the public later this summer, but check out these sample renderings for a little sneak peek.

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