Augmented Reality Companies Are Making Workers More Efficient

There is quite a bit of talk these days about augmented reality companies and their desire to create applications that increase productivity in the workforce. With constant pressure and demands on workers to become more efficient, many top CEOs in some of the world’s most prestigious industries are looking to this type of technology to help their employees succeed.

Imagine a system where a factory worker puts on a pair of augmented reality glasses and is able to immediately glean all the information they need to make sure they are assembling an item correctly. The worker does not have to stop and ask a supervisor whether what they are doing is correct. They also do not have to consult a manual and make far fewer mistakes over the course of their job duties. This was the vision that former Boeing employee Tom Caudell had when he first coined the term augmented reality. In the nearly thirty years since, technology is finally catching up to his initial idea—from Yelp applications that allow you to hold up a smartphone to see restaurant information to Google’s unique set of glasses that provide continuous data to the wearer.

While many augmented reality companies have largely focused on personal use of this type of application, many firms (including FuelFX) are looking to pioneer uses that stretch far beyond the entertainment sector. Companies in the natural resource, mining, medical, education, manufacturing, and other fields are all catching on to just how useful augmented reality programs can be to their overall work flow. Where some are just using the application programs for training staff, others have started to phase in special smartphone or tablet programs that provide instant information to their employees no matter where they are in the world.

What does the future hold for augmented reality in the workplace? Frankly, the sky is the limit for most augmented reality companies out there today. The only real barrier is the creativity and innovation of those who work on a daily basis to further this intriguing and exciting industry. Of course, and the demand of companies who wish to integrate augmented reality into their business operations and stay on the leading edge of the global economy.

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