Three Key Industries Using 3D Animation in Houston

If you think that high-tech medical companies and oil firms are the only ones using 3D animation in Houston, think again. There are a wide range of different applications for computer-generated imagery that allow companies in many different industries to impress their customer bases, stand out from their competition, and truly make a lasting impact. However, three industries seem to be reaping the benefits and utilizing this type of technology to the fullest—construction, fashion, and education.

3D Animation for Construction

What once was an industry ruled by sheer labor is now being assisted by 3D design. Architects, interior designers, and others are now able to show clients and local government leaders just exactly what a finished building will look like—long before the project has even started. This technology provides a much clearer outlook on a project than traditional blueprint and illustration methods, allowing all parties involved to have a clear vision of the finished design.

3D Animation for Fashion

One of the most surprising applications of 3D animation in Houston is that by the fashion industry. With several clothing manufacturers in cropping up in the area, many are looking to computer graphics when they create new products. This allows fashion designers the flexibility of seeing their styles in a whole new way before cutting any fabric.

The use of computer animation in the fashion industry is becoming so widespread that it is even being taught in most fashion schools, integrating technology into a highly sought after career path.

3D Animation for Education

Education is probably the most widely used application of 3D animation in Houston at the current time. Schools across the city and state are utilizing multimedia learning games, videos, and simulations to help students gain the information they need to succeed.

Taking this even further, e-learning in Houston is also benefitting from this upward trend in the use of animation. Where distance students would previously have to travel to a campus center to engage in lab activities or lectures, they can now watch an interactive animation via their computer or tablet devices to learn the same information.

With so many industries starting to integrate 3D animation into their daily processes, it is hard to remember that the technology is still beginning. As our team and others in our industry continue to develop new methods for presenting information in an interactive fashion, there will be even more ways to use computer-generated imagery.