Web Design in Houston - 5 Great Trends

Make your page stand out amongst the crowd; spruce up your small business or corporate site these five great trends in web design in Houston. These simple design techniques can be a great way to draw visitors to your page and keep them around to learn more information about your business products and services.

#1: Minimalist Landing Page

While there is a time and place for fancy Flash animations, landing pages are getting a whole lot more simplistic than they were in the past. Keeping photos, blocks of text, shopping carts, social media links, and other elements to a minimum helps streamline the consumer and gives off an incredibly clean look that page visitors love. Best of all, a minimalist page makes it easy to draw attention to the really important information, such as what services you offer or where your retail location is.

#2: Digital QR Codes

Short for "quick read", digital QR codes are a great way to entice website visitors to find out more about your product and/or service. By including these codes directly on your website, customers can scan your contact information directly into their smartphones, giving them exact directions to any physical business locations or retail stores you may have. They can also use these codes to enter contests, request additional information, or contact your business via email or SMS text message.

#3: Custom Social Media Badges

Another great trend for web design in Houston is custom social media badges. These badges can be placed throughout your website, allowing visitors to instantly share products, blog posts, articles, and/or other information they love with followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more via a single mouse click.

#4: Infinite Page Scrolling

Infinite page scrolling is another neat trend making its appearance in web design in Houston. While it isn't always practical for all websites and companies, it can be a great way for users to see a bunch of information in a really delightful layout. (Need an example of infinite page scrolling? Pinterest's latest layout is a prime candidate of just how well this element can work.)

#5: Circular Elements

One of the most modern trends in web design right now is circles. Not only do they look very clean and simple, they are an excellent way to divide up the page into easily readable chunks. Best of all, they look great when paired with a wide range of e-commerce and service website layouts.

Of course, these aren't the only hot trends to hit the world of website design. For more information about web design in Houston, app development cost, augmented reality tools, video product, and more, please contact FuelFX today.