3D Animation in Houston is More Than Just Eye Candy

3D animation in Houston these days is starting to become more than just "eye candy." Designs ranging from simple animations to complex computer-generated imagery (CGI) are making their rounds, cropping up in business meetings and entertainment formats alike. In fact, many different fields are seeing a boost from including animation in their everyday business and marketing approaches.

How Businesses Are Using 3D Animation in Houston

CGI and Augmented Reality (AR) applications are making it easier than ever for Texas-based companies and firms around the globe to spread knowledge, train employees, and educate potential investors. Imagine being able to point a smartphone or other mobile device at a 2D illustration or text, and instantly see a fully-interactive 3D animated image of a building, technical object, rig platform, or anything else you choose directly on the screen of the device. Even magazines and consumer product advertisers are using this unique technology. AR applications make this sort of use possible, and many companies are capitalizing on this technique.

Other firms are utilizing animations within their business meetings. Why use fifty or more boring PowerPoint slides to get your point across, when you can use a thirty or sixty second animation to capture the total attention of your audience? Professional animations can be seen quite often in healthcare, oil and gas, tech, and other industry meetings. These design projects often include animations for medical conferences where complex images of the human body are rendered into detailed animated form. Other projects that feature animations include those of highly technical crude and natural gas platform techniques.

The Future of 3D Animation in Houston

The future of 3D animation is quite exciting for a number of reasons. As more industries adopt CGI modeling and AR applications as a normal path, the ability of incorporating these technologies into everyday use will grow. Soon, it will be quite normal for many firms to integrate 3D animation and AR applications into their training curriculums and throughout their everyday workflows.

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