3D Animation Isn't Just For Disney Any More: Oil and Gas Industry Applications

When most people think animation, usually the first thing to come to mind is a children's animated film, but animation has a wide range of applications from marketing to mobile apps. Creative media can make a huge impact on business, and can provides increasing benefits to oil and gas companies through the use of 3D animation. That's where Houston based FuelFX is focusing a great deal of energy to revolutionize the way business is done.

Making the Industry Accessible

One of the biggest hurdles oil and gas companies face is educating consumers outside of the industry about products and solutions. FuelFX helps bring difficult concepts to life within the industries of oil and gas using 3D animation and other creative media. The tools created include everything from websites to advanced simulations and models. Ultimately this gives those outside the industry the opportunity to fully visualize things like offshore vessels or drill rigs and explore them in a way that allows them to see inside and even interact with highly complex and specialized objects that would otherwise be totally inaccessible.

Cutting-Edge Applications

FuelFX has years of experience working with oil and gas industry leaders and have created countless 3D animations and 2D graphic, interactive multimedia, and 3D simulations for operational procedures and drilling operations. The list of clients includes BP, Dell, Tyco, Nobors, Chevron, Schlumberger, Halliburton, and Vestas. Media created for these clients comes in many forms and is tailored to fit the needs of each company. Uses are everything from application development to digital marketing and instructional design.


For international global corporations the world moves non-stop and rapidly, that why FuelFX has helped develop mobile applications to allow employees of oil and gas companies to communicate with each other in real time. Apps for smartphones and tablets allows the transfer of relevant, intuitive, and creative information between employees and clients. Through the apps clients can augment reality, visualize data, watch 3D simulations, access catalogs, and do all of this interactively through touchscreens.

Digital Marketing

Apps are also being widely used in the digital marketing sphere to supplement websites and FuelFX works on creating both. Every element of site design and development is taken into account, from SEO services to multimedia and graphics. Building a site that touches on every aspect of the company helps bring brand recognition to a new level and improves investor relations. This is on top of investing in marketing collateral for the company through trade shows, brochures, print advertising, media kits and more.

Instructional Design

Another one of the amazing uses FuelFX has developed with oil and gas companies is instructional design and e-learning for clients and employees alike. Training a workforce can now be done through virtual classrooms or mobile technology. Learning can be through self-paced tutorials or feature instructor-led training. The animation tools available to enhance the experience are action-oriented and more relevant because they can focus on creating simulations for real life.

Virtual to Real Life

What's truly spectacular about the way FuelFX works is the ability to bring things that were once completely nebulous into a physical space. Instead of postulating over ideas, these companies now have the ability to see and interact with every aspect of their work. It's a work that's revolutionizing the way that oil and gas companies run.