[Published on August 5th, by Oliver Diaz

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Several companies in the oil and gas industry are turning to 3D animation as a way to explore terrain and assist with rigging and site development. Clients, customers, and investors can view short 3D animation video to understand the entire process of rig site development, 3D mapping, offshore exploration, drilling, and gas production. Oil and gas 3D animation provides a clear understanding of how drilling can impact the earth.

Learning about Seismic Data

Many people are concerned over drilling companies and the risk of earthquakes. It is helpful to know modern technology assists with limited seismic interference by selecting areas and using the right rigging system to reduce disruption. Investors can gain a clear understanding by watching oil and gas 3D animation to see how offshore technology is used to set up a system that prevents serious problems to the Earth.

Branching Out

The use of multimedia has become so popular that other industries are now following in their footsteps. A Methodist hospital is planning to create their own video to educate visitors at their Houston museum. What makes 3D so unique is how clear it is to understand. People can view the information on a smartphone or tablet, making it convenient. Some of the unique ways 3D animation is helping the oil and gas industry is by taking a complex subject matter and making it easier for people to understand.

How 3D is Helping Gas and Oil Workers

Companies are turning to 3D animation to assist in scheduling, repair, and maintenance needs. By creating a video of the exact problems and repair needs, employees can gain a better understanding of what needs to be done. They can use the animation while working on a rig to assist as they are fixing a problem. This unique method works better than a traditional paper manual that explains the repair needs.

Educating the Public

How many people still do not understand what happens when there is a major oil or gas spill in the ocean? Most people are unaware of the clean-up process, and what companies can do to prevent this from occurring in the future. The 3D videos can help to educate the public by clearly explaining what occurs at this time, and how companies can solve a major catastrophe that leads to a gas or oil spill.

Investor Reach

Modern equipment requires a significant amount of money from investors. The 3D animation in the oil and gas industry can help to raise awareness, and draw financial backing from investors. Not only does the technology help to clearly show things on video, it is becoming far more advanced and leading to other things like the ability to create presentations where people can walk through a rigging system in a virtual reality. This is a great way to gain an understanding of what is needed to reduce problems related to seismic disruption, employee accidents, and so forth. Oil and gas 3D animation brings a difficult concept to many people and breaks it down into terminology that is easier for them to understand. This is a great way to find new investors, and educate the general public on what this industry does and how they can assist.