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The Use of 3D Animation For Industrial Companies in Houston

When we think 3D animation, the first things that come to mind are various movies. For many years, the use of three dimensional technology has been most prominent in the film industry with children's animation or fantastical science fiction movies. But today, 3D is gaining more and more popularity in industries outside entertainment. Three dimensional media is being utilized in oil industries, mobile app designs, medical fields, architectural planning and more. But what, exactly, is 3D? How is it useful to these professions? Fuel FX Industrial [...]

3D Animation Isn't Just For Disney Any More: Oil and Gas Industry Applications

When most people think animation, usually the first thing to come to mind is a children's animated film, but animation has a wide range of applications from marketing to mobile apps. Creative media can make a huge impact on business, and can provides increasing benefits to oil and gas companies through the use of 3D animation. That's where Houston based FuelFX is focusing a great deal of energy to revolutionize the way business is done. Making the Industry Accessible One of the biggest hurdles oil and gas companies face is educating consumers o [...]

3D Animation In Houston Brings Oil And Gas Presentations To Life

Large meetings where you are trying to get people to draw a picture in their minds about oil and gas infrastructures soon to be developed can be difficult without the use of 3D animation in Houston boardrooms. Sometimes, shareholders simply can't develop the mental image in their minds from all the technical specifications and detailed reports handed to them. Instead, multimedia companies such as Fuelfx specialize in 3D animation for the oil and gas industry. Take, for instance, a scale model of the new processing facility you want to develop. [...]

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use CGI in Houston

CGI in Houston can help a business get noticed even as the shuffle to do so seems to get tougher and tougher each year. More new businesses are streaming into a whole range of industries. This demands utilizing new and innovative techniques, such as computer generated images, or CGI, on their websites to help them stand out among all the competition they face. People Expect It: With the explosion in computer graphics and 3D animation in the media, such as movies, computer games and network television shows, people expect to be entertained by th [...]

What Industries Can Benefit from Working with Augmented Reality Companies?

Hiring augmented reality companies to create custom mobile applications is becoming increasingly popular for some industries. But, what exactly is augmented reality and what industries can benefit from it? Understanding Augmented Reality In order to understand which industries can benefit from working with augmented reality companies, it is important to understand exactly what this type of program entails. Augmented reality is technology that allows smartphone or tablet users the ability to open an app, point the device's camera at a specific o [...]

Three Ways Oil and Gas 3D Animation Can Be Utilized by Your Business

While it is only one small facet of the services that our talented team at FuelFX provides, oil and gas 3D animation can be an amazing way to show off complicated techniques to current and potential clients. Here are three great ways that this concept can be utilized by your business. #1: Interactive Brochures You already know that your company is one of the best in the industry, but why not show it off with an interactive online brochure? Oil and gas 3D animation can easily be added to help browsers understand your rigs, learn about common env [...]

Three Key Industries Using 3D Animation in Houston

If you think that high-tech medical companies and oil firms are the only ones using 3D animation in Houston, think again. There are a wide range of different applications for computer-generated imagery that allow companies in many different industries to impress their customer bases, stand out from their competition, and truly make a lasting impact. However, three industries seem to be reaping the benefits and utilizing this type of technology to the fullest—construction, fashion, and education. 3D Animation for Construction What once was an [...]

Augmented Reality Companies Are Making Workers More Efficient

There is quite a bit of talk these days about augmented reality companies and their desire to create applications that increase productivity in the workforce. With constant pressure and demands on workers to become more efficient, many top CEOs in some of the world’s most prestigious industries are looking to this type of technology to help their employees succeed. Imagine a system where a factory worker puts on a pair of augmented reality glasses and is able to immediately glean all the information they need to make sure they are assembling [...]

3 Ways Vivid Oil and Gas 3D Animation Can Help Your Firm

There is little doubt that oil and gas 3D animation is really cool to look at. With vivid colors and stunning graphics, this type of media is an excellent way to catch the attention of your audience and get your message across. However, not all firms understand how important creating engaging presentations and multimedia can actually be to their overall bottom line. Here are three reasons why utilizing these vivid graphics can help your firm. #1: Added Creativity and Professionalism Whether you are speaking at an industry panel or to a room ful [...]

3 ways Augmented Reality Companies Like FuelFX are Changing the World

Augmented Reality Companies are developing apps, eyewear, handheld devices, and even contact lenses that allow the user to drastically alter the human experience. Here are three ways augmented reality will affect daily life in the near future. 1. Better Safety - There is technology in the works that will allow pilots to see rings guiding them to and from landing zones. Until that technology is developed, users can use an app developed by Russian developers that allows users to see vehicle accidents in their field of vision. It is already in pla [...]