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Mobile App Development in Houston

In a day when technology rules, many businesses are turning to the world of digital art to help gain better access to their clients and customers. There is an app for just about everything out there, businesses, games, locations, and so much more, so why should your business be any different? Recently, mobile app developments allow Houston companies to send news out instantly, updating their customers and interested parties to any new information, developments and sales. Smartphones, tablets, and even computers have the ability to make use of m [...]

What is Augmented Reality? What Can it Do For Your Company?

In an age where technology rules, it is difficult to find people untouched by its long and many arms. Not so very long ago, computers were new and the internet was a dream. Today, smartphones and tablets have wifi capabilities and make instant communication as easy as snapping one's fingers. "The Future" is no longer an obscure distant dream we all must squint at to make out, but right around the corner. Augmented Reality companies are bridging the gap between a digital world and the real world where the advanced technology of tomorrow is quick [...]

What Factors Play Into App Development Cost?

Creating a custom smartphone application is becoming quite a popular endeavor for many companies, both for customer use and employee use, but some firms still have a lot of questions about overall app development cost. Whether you are creating an iPhone, iPad, or Android application for customers and/or workers, it is important to know that the level of detail associated with the program makes a huge difference in the overall cost of development. Here are a few elements to consider when planning your budget and program. Graphics Intensity Graph [...]

How Schools and Colleges Can Utilize Custom Web Application Development

Custom web application development is becoming increasingly popular for many corporations. However, the field in which it is really making a difference is education. Learn more about how custom solutions are changing the way students and schools approach learning. How is Custom Web Application Development Helping Schools? Many school districts, colleges, and elearning providers are discovering how helpful having a custom web application can be. Teachers are able to log in, upload grades, communicate with parents, share interactive presentations [...]

How Geo-Targeted Advertising is Increasing the Need for Mobile App Development in Houston

Mobile app development in Houston has already seen a huge jump in growth over the last few years. Thanks to demand, more and more businesses are opting to have their own custom iPhone or Android-based apps for clients and workers to use. However, the use of these types of apps is also being driven by geo-targeted advertising. What Is Geo-Targeted Advertising? Geo-targeting refers to obtaining the location of a specific website visitor and delivering unique content to that person based on where they currently are. Many companies utilize both use [...]

App Development Cost - Is It Worth It?

While a lot of companies wish they had their own smartphone and table apps, they often think that the overall app development cost would not be worth it. However, what they don't realize is how affordable (and necessary) the process can be. Why App Development Cost Should Be Compared Against Benefit Having a custom smartphone or tablet app for your business can be great for two reasons. One, it is a great way to put your products and services in the hands of your potential clients. No matter what industry you are in, those customers can downloa [...]

Three Reasons Restaurants Should Consider Mobile App Development in Houston

The size of your restaurant doesn’t matter when it comes to making mobile app development in Houston a great choice. Restaurants large and small—with one location or many—are discovering the benefits of having their own smartphone application. Here are three reasons restaurants should consider having a mobile app created to assist their mobile marketing strategy. #1: Marketing Reach One excellent reason to consider mobile app development in Houston for your restaurant is the extended marketing reach it provides. When diners have your appl [...]