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Multi-Device Web Design in Houston

People are accessing the web from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices quite often. Currently, 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. This number is continuing to increase, showing companies the importance of creating a mobile-friendly website. Interactive web design in Houston can make it easier for businesses to access their sites on multiple devices. When content on a website is not compatible, user have a more difficult time navigating. Sites which include a mobile browsing option make a huge difference when it co [...]

The History of Web Design in Houston

As the Internet has evolved, so has web design in Houston. Over the years, people have enhanced the way websites are planned, designed, created, and maintained. Web design in Houston has become one of the essential aspects of online technology, responsible for a world primarily characterized by cool graphic layouts and fancy text. Some companies, such as FuelFX–an industry application and web design company based in Houston–who use an elaborate collection of web development tools to create solutions for explaining more complex concepts in i [...]

Web Design in Houston - 5 Great Trends

Make your page stand out amongst the crowd; spruce up your small business or corporate site these five great trends in web design in Houston. These simple design techniques can be a great way to draw visitors to your page and keep them around to learn more information about your business products and services. #1: Minimalist Landing Page While there is a time and place for fancy Flash animations, landing pages are getting a whole lot more simplistic than they were in the past. Keeping photos, blocks of text, shopping carts, social media links, [...]

Five Excellent Corporate Web Design Examples

From the online presence of your favorite salad dressing company to the site of your biggest competitor, examples of corporate web design surround us in everyday life. Of course, not all of them are equal. Here are five excellent corporate websites that definitely stand out for reasons that might not be so obvious. #1: Apple - Apple may be a tech giant with millions to spend on an appropriate web presence, but that doesn't mean you can't glean a few great tips from their site design. The two most noticeable aspects to Apple's corp [...]

Web Design Pricing - Why Does It Vary?

Searching for exact web design pricing online can be tough. There are so many facets that go into making a page look the way you want it to that, without an individualized quote, it can be nearly impossible for a designer to give you the most accurate cost estimate via a menu list of services. However, there are a few aspects to take into consideration when you are getting quotes or looking at web design pricing that can help you get a good idea of where your final price might come in. First, consider how detailed you want the page… [...]

Three 2014 Trends for Web Design in Houston

While 2013 was certainly exciting for web design in Houston, this year has many more exciting trends. Here are three of the most popular website elements and why you should talk to your design team about incorporating them. #1: Intensely Focused Landing Pages The era of busy landing pages with an abundance of business information is over. Instead, many firms that handle web design in Houston are focusing on intensely focused designs that feature a basic statement about the company, a single photo, and the most important facts first. A good way [...]