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Developing Mobile Apps For Businesses

[Published on August 25th, by Oliver Diaz]  // For business, marketing tools are an essential part of the day to day operations. Advertisement is key, and knowing how to get the word out is just as important as making sure the information is accessible. These days, many companies are [...]
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What Do Augmented Reality Companies Do?

In a time where science fiction is becoming reality, more and more businesses are turning to technology to support and enhance their day to day operations. Less than three decades ago, analog cell phones that came in a bulky bag were considered luxury items. Today, they fit in the palm of our ha [...]
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Apps (Portfolio)

{arifancythumb srcDir="img_dir;img_dir2" includeSubDirs="false" src="/images/portfolio/apps/ar-app.jpg" srcSmall="images/portfolio/apps/thumb/ar-app-thumb.jpg" title="title" thumbWidth="300" thumbHeight="240" group="group" hideOnContentClick="true" zoomSpeedIn="speed" zoomSp [...]
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Multi-Device Web Design in Houston

People are accessing the web from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices quite often. Currently, 55% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. This number is continuing to increase, showing companies the importance of creating a mobile-friendly website. Interactive web design in [...]
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Using 3D Animation For Oil and Gas Exploration

[Published on August 5th, by Oliver Diaz]  Several companies in the oil and gas industry are turning to 3D animation as a way to explore terrain and assist with rigging and site development. Clients, customers, and investors can view short 3D animation video to unde [...]
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