3D Applications

Relevant, Marketable, Intuitive and Impressively Cool Apps

Mobile technology has transformed the digital world, and with smartphones and tablets penetrating at such rapid rates, mobile apps are an increasingly sought-after marketing tool. Take advantage of mobile technology with 3D applications that provide state-of-the-art sales, marketing, or training support.

Our sales app framework includes a user-managed library of collateral, product datasheets and multimedia presentations right at the fingertips of your sales force. Enable your customers to experience the technology of your complex product service areas first hand, with a fully animated and interactive app No matter what the solution, our mobile developers will build and test even the most intricate user experiences to meet your needs.

At FuelFX, we create mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets that are designed to be relevant, intuitive and creative. We work with your team to develop products that solve business challenges such as reducing costs, building customer loyalty or improving processes.


  • FuelFX specializes in 3D apps.
  • Employs the largest industrial 3D graphics team in the world.
  • Leverages proprietary virtual and augmented reality frameworks.
  • Trusted partner to the oil and gas industry in presenting technical concepts.



Below is a selection of variety, scope, and breadth of our mobile applications and software development work. Many of our more advanced pieces detail proprietary or restricted technical information and can not be shown due to non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia technology capabilities for your project.

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