Augmented Reality (AR)

Houston-Based Augmented Reality with Worldwide Impact

Augmented reality (commonly referred to as AR) is an emerging technology that’s taking training, operational, and informational media to new levels of experience. It’s an incorporation of computer-generated assets into your immediate surroundings via specialized hardware and software. Augmented reality has the unique ability to bridge the gap between training and operations, by integrating a highly-detailed 3D simulation of the most current equipment and facilities with which your staff will work.

Imagine your employees being able to practice new skills in the safety of a virtual environment, then having access to the latest operational guidance while later performing those tasks in the field.

This game-changing innovation can be deployed on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, or to wearables like Google Glass™ and Oculus Rift™ for a more fully immersive 3D and even 4D environment. Our augmented reality solutions capitalize on a game-success assisted user experience to convey and reinforce critical information applicable to real-world industrial work environments.

At FuelFX, our experience and versatility with industrial augmented reality is unparalleled. Our augmented reality software is platform agnostic, so you can showcase the same content on media ranging from a smart phone to a giant trade show touchscreen. Our proven expertise ensures that your custom augmented reality e-procedures, gamification, and operations guides will deliver a lasting impact on your audience.

FuelFX’s exceptional team of programmers and developers works closely with you to identify your needs, meet your requirements, and surpass your expectations.

By expertly incorporating 3D animations and videos, interactive print, infographics, corporate identity, digital marketing, app design, mobile app development, and graphic design with our 4D software, we deliver the most seamlessly branded and digitally integrated augmented reality experiences on the market.

Our excellence in augmented reality software development has attracted some of the biggest names in the energy, high-tech, and marketing industries in the both United States and overseas.

Strengths and Benefits of FuelFX Augmented Reality Team in Houston

  • Extensive experience with the largest energy, high-tech, and oil & gas companies in Houston and beyond
  • Expertise on the latest software developments and wearable technology, such as MYO
  • Design and development of the most innovative, intuitive, and user-friendly platform-agnostic augmented reality experiences
  • Years of demonstrated experience in emerging development technologies
  • The industry’s largest in-house staff of 3D developers
  • A comprehensive library of industrial and energy-related graphical assets
  • Management level accessibility and rapid deployment, available 24/7
  • End-to-end services encompassing strategy, content development, and deployment


Below is a selection of variety, scope, and breadth of our augmented reality work. Many of our more advanced pieces detail proprietary or restricted technical information and can not be shown due to non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia technology capabilities for your project.

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