Electronic Procedures

Augmented Reality Electronic Procedures & 3D Simulation Training

Today’s industrial operations are a maze of procedures, equipment, and automation systems—all with profoundly high profits and losses at stake. Personnel perform challenging tasks, often with inadequate preparation or training. Operators, manufacturers, and service companies struggle to develop, transfer, and maintain their technical and procedural knowledge amid evolving technology, fluctuating safety standards and a growing generational gap of expertise.

Our front-end application for industrial augmented reality (AR) provides a new method to deliver comprehensive real-time guidance and information, in performing operational tasks when and where you need it:

  • Heads-Up Displays (HUDs) for offshore/onshore facility operations and remote equipment control
  • Real-time data feeds, safety zone information, and remote presence collaboration
  • Fill integration and automation between people, software, and equipment
  • Advanced business operational intelligence and knowledge capture

This next-level procedural content is followed on the back-end by a robust cloud-based content management system (CMS) instantly updatable by stakeholders, decision makers, and SMEs. Your evolving AR-enhanced e-procedures are preserved and linked so that the full impact of accumulated knowledge can be realized—then disseminated—via the cloud through personal smart devices to anyone, anywhere, at any time in response to instructional or operational needs.


Below is a selection of variety, scope, and breadth of our mobile applications and software development work. Many of our more advanced pieces detail proprietary or restricted technical information and can not be shown due to non-disclosure agreements. Contact us today to learn more about our multimedia technology capabilities for your project.

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