Development Process


As a media studio located in the heart of Houston, Texas, creating marketing strategies advertising and visual demonstrations is one of our primary functions for our clients. Graphic design is essential to the foundation of any project we take on.

A great deal of careful consideration and communication is invested in the evolution of our designs; we take our work personally because the development of these assets is very personal and integral to the establishment of your brand. We can do a complete redesign of all your media to more accurately represent your brand, start from scratch for a startup, or echo the design of your current media in new or existing formats to introduce emerging technology or for trade show materials. 

FuelFX follows an effective five-step methodology for conceptualizing, producing, integrating and supporting the technology that gives life to your vision. It constitutes a creative partnership that encourages communication and collaboration throughout, ensuring that the final product meets or even exceeds your expectations.



Discovery Stage

Brochure Design

FuelFX partners with decision makers, stakeholders, and subject matter experts representing your company to better understand your business and establish primary objectives and key messages. After suggesting possible technical options uniquely suited to your organizational needs, our team compiles the associated input in preparation for establishing a strategy to design the desired solution.

Examples of Discovery actions and outputs are:

  • Kickoff meeting
  • Requirements documentation
  • Testing and review plan
  • Approvals to move into Design
  • Understand your organization, goals, and audience
  • Identify all 3rd party site interfaces
  • Procure copy and content references and resources
  • Establish an overarching design, development and
    deployment strategy

Design Stage


Houston Graphic Design FuelFX

Custom Design & Development

FuelFX incorporates the information gathered during the discovery phase with proven expertise in the requested media and generates a high-level plan that ultimately serves as the foundation for development. We furnish this strategy documentation to you and your team, fostering further discussion of intended content, and resulting in a credible finalized baseline for development. As we prepare for the transition to the next step, we provide preliminary designs or concepts for you to approve, so you can anticipate the look and feel of the end result.

Examples of Design actions and outputs are: 

  • Design Documentation
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes and Mockups
  • Define sitemap and site architecture with external platform interfaces
  • Develop foundational wireframe
  • Create preliminary design and concepts
  • Formalize and approve all content
  • Approvals to move into Development



Development Stage

During this phase FuelFX harnesses the combined energy and experience of Account/Project Managers, writers, artists, programmers, and media specialists to assemble the solution for your business, around the framework of the design documentation.

Examples of Develop actions and outputs are: 

  • Execute construction of the website based on
  • approved design and content and copy
  • Internal Review and revisions before deployment
  • Alpha Build/Deployment
  • Alpha Review
FuelFX Brand Positioning example





Finally, FuelFX delivers a draft (Alpha) of the solution for your review and feedback; we make needed revisions based on comments from you and other designated members of your organization, before finalizing the product and preparing it for deployment and consumption.


Beta Build

Internal Review and revisions before deployment

Beta Review

Final Build




Ongoing Support


After delivery and deployment of the product, FuelFX and its partners are available through managed services agreements or fixed-cost warranty and support contracts to support, evaluate, or maintain the product to your expectations. This phase is often a vital consideration for the continued success of the product over time.

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