Floating Production

Storage and Offloading

SBM Offshore hired Fuel FX to create a unique AR experience for their Fast4Ward Multi-Purpose Floater (MPF). By optimizing 3D models from an engineering format to a game-ready state, Fuel FX was able to successfully demonstrate the standardization of the MPF as well as the various modular configurations their customers require.

Launching the SBM Offshore Fast4Ward AR experience at the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston brought an exciting atmosphere to the SBM Offshore booth.

By showcasing the various topside modules, internal turret, external turret and spread moored configurations through augmented reality, SBM Offshore stood out among the other exhibitors.



The idea of replicating a FPSO for augmented reality may appear reasonable. However, the challenge of optimizing engineering files that reached beyond several hundred million polygons for an object that transforms into multiple variations -and is the length of five football fields, was daunting. Additionally, the multiple configurations which produce variations of polycountand specs created a level of performance degradation.

Procedural optimization tools weren’t an option as details and silhouette were compromised in each pass. The solution was to manually optimize and retopologize the entire model. Though time consuming, it proved the best method.

Printed Model

Utilizing AR Targets

The SBM Offshore Fast4Ward AR experience utilized a 3-meter long 3D printed model of the MPF. This was used with AR targets and the digitized topside modules were animated in to create the modular configurations on the deck.

User Friendly

User options were implemented to run the experience with and without an AR target. Users are given the option to place the vessel on any flat surface, such as the floor or table. The AR application provides for a fantastic tradeshow experience as well as a dynamic sales tool for SBM Offshore.