What do Jesus and Augmented Reality have in common?

FuelFX UST Augmented Reality Experience

Bringing AR to You

As a multimedia studio in Houston, Texas, Fuel FX’s primary clientele is in the oil and gas space. So, you can imagine the excitement the team felt when they were approached by the University of St. Thomas with the idea of incorporating AR and the university’s Catholic traditions.

From Concept

to Reality

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Given the opportunity to work with the university’s marketing and communications team, Fuel FX’s creative team jumped at the idea of creating an impactful AR experience which focused on the nativity of Jesus, which would be launched during the 2019 Christmas season.

The goal, as stated by Jeff Olsen, the school’s vice president of marketing and communications, was “to really take our mission and move it forward in modern and relevant ways.”

FuelFX UST Augmented Reality Experience

Beautifully Crafted

AR Scene

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The result, a beautiful, digitally sculpted nativity scene produced by FuelFX’s Lead 3D Artist and Creative Director, Roger Castro. A contemporary and clean approach was utilized to create an aesthetic and stylistic look and feel to the application. We wanted to keep the imagery striking but maintain the quintessential figures prominently shown in nativity scenes.

We created materials that had a marble look but added gold edging to produce a ware and consistency of alabaster for subsurface scattering. Once this was established, we took a game development approach to creating the figures using current 3D asset creation pipelines. Time was taken to set the scene’s color palette to a night setting which we felt would provide the most dramatic setting for usage.

Software Used

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AR Experience

“We’re using technology as a force for good.”

Father Huber Basilian Father at University of St. Thomas

FuelFX UST Augmented Reality Experience

By merging this digital sculpture with AR technology, users can instantiate and view the nativity of Jesus from their mobile device for an immersive experience. The application provides a unique opportunity for anyone to “connect in dialogue grounded in the spirit of Christ.”