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As a media studio located in the heart of Houston, Texas, creating marketing strategies advertising and visual demonstrations is one of our primary functions for our clients. Graphic design is essential to the foundation of any project we take on.

FuelFX offers the full range of Graphic Design services to promote your brand. We specialize in website design, logo creation and branding, print collateral, tradeshow graphics, user interface design and much more. Our mission is to take your brand from a simple logo mark and transform it into a complete experience your customers have with your product across every touch point. We set out to create a friendly, approachable, and scalable brand identity system by utilizing well thought out graphic design principles.


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Graphic Design?

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Graphic Design is the process of visual communication that conveys a message to specific social groups with designated objectives. The graphic design process involves identifying problems and crafting specific objectives that will be met by utilizing digital tools, creativity, innovation and collaboration. Due to these elements, graphic design is also described as visual communication design.

The role of a graphic designer in this process is to serve as the interpreter of the Client or Brand’s message to the intended audience. The designer always begins their creative process with the client’s needs in mind. This is typically expressed in a written brief that is established linguistically, that the designer will then use their creativity to bring to life.



of Graphic Design

Computer Generated Graphics

Graphic design has many different applications that fall under the discipline of visual communication. These applications include advertising, branding, digital and print marketing, website design, user interface design, mobile app creation, tradeshow pieces etc.

Print Design

One of the oldest core staples of traditional graphic design is print production. The essence of printmaking is producing content for paper or other materials and surfaces. The process is conducive to producing multiples of the same work. Each product is called a print. There are many different applications for print. A few examples are published books, magazines, large scale advertisements etc. The graphic designer will utilize their technical expertise, creativity, and analytical judgement to execute the required design layout for each project.

Digital Design

As technology has evolved, digital graphic design has become an integral part of visual communication. Three main components of the digital design discipline are Web Design, Interface Design and User Experience. Web design involves taking a brand or product and establishing an online digital footprint where customers, consumers or clients can learn about a particular product or service.

The web graphic designer must be well versed in these subsequent related disciplines. Interface design, commonly referred to as Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a computer-based environment that depicts a visual display of content for the user. The graphic designer will use their visual communication skillset, combined with an intimate understanding of the user’s interactions, online branding and problem solving to create a look and feel for a website or software application.



Graphic Design

Experiential graphic design takes a designers visual communication skillset and applies it to real world physical environments to create a unique one-of-a-kind experience. This discipline of graphic design requires the visual designer to understand physical installations that will be manufactured and be able to withstand a variety of environmental conditions.

This is an interdisciplinary process that will involve the graphic designer communicating across the pipeline with fabricators, printers, manufacturers etc. The goal of an experiential graphic designer is to solve problems that people encounter in their daily lives.

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Graphic Design


Graphic Design is an essential component of brand development and visual communication in a wide array of industries. It can serve as a key touch point in conveying your product or company’s message to your clients. The core ethos of graphic design is problem solving and solutions. This makes graphic design a cornerstone of any creative solution. 



Print design is a discipline of graphic design and visual communication that presents information to an audience by designs printed on a tangible surface such as paper. Print design is showcased throughout society in all forms of communication design. Examples of print design include posters, brochures, packaging, business cards, magazines, books cover, banners etc.

Web Design:

Web design integrates several distinct disciplines that contribute to the production of websites. The fields include user interface design (UI Design), user experience design (UX Design) and search engine optimization (SEO). The web graphic designer typically describes the front-end (client facing side) of designing a website. A web designer’s skillset must include awareness of usability and accessibility.

Mobile Design:

A mobile graphic designer utilizes many of the same skillsets and techniques as a web graphic designer to visually depict information, applications, and digital media on a mobile device. A mobile designer is uniquely aware of scalability and usability across many device types.


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